Did a Bad Storm Fell Your Trees?

Did a Bad Storm Fell Your Trees?

We provide prompt storm damage cleanup services in Midland, Charlotte & Salisbury, NC

The aftermath of a heavy storm can be brutal, especially if you're dealing with lawn debris and fallen trees. Southern Stump Removal, LLC is here to deliver efficient tree removal and storm damage cleanup services for clients in Midland, Charlotte & Salisbury, NC. We can haul away fallen trees and tree stumps so that you can get started on home repairs.

Contact us today to get professional storm damage cleanup services.

Call us after the storm hits

Dealing with property damage after a storm is a hassle. Let Southern Stump Removal lend you a hand. Our tree care experts will come to your property and take care of:

  • Fallen trees across your road
  • Large branches in your yard
  • Debris on top of your roof
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Exposed and broken root systems

When you've been through a major storm, don't stress over debris cleanup. Call now for fallen tree removal and storm damage cleanup services.