Noticed Your Yard Looking a Little Unruly?

Noticed Your Yard Looking a Little Unruly?

Consider bush hogging services in Midland, Charlotte & Salisbury, NC to take back control.

It's easy to let unsightly brush take over your lawn - take it back today by hiring Southern Stump Removal, LLC for your Midland, Charlotte & Salisbury, NC needs. Not only does bush hogging beautify your yard, it also:

  • Can be used for wildlife management
  • Is an efficient way to rid your lawn of thick brush and weeds
  • Can prevent additional weed growth from seed spreading
  • Can create more usable space for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors


What are you waiting for? Call Southern Stump Removal for bush hogging services at 704-506-2599!


Tips for bush hogging your yard:

The experts at Southern Stump Removal in the Midland, Charlotte & Salisbury, NC area have compiled some guidelines to assist you in deciding when you're due for bush hogging services. Follow these simple steps and let us know what you find.

  • Give the area a thorough walk through to map out stumps, rocks, and other hazards - if possible, go ahead and remove them
  • Mark obstacles - mark anything that cannot be removed with fluorescent tape or paint so that they're easily visible
  • Check the weather conditions - it is optimal to bush hog when the land is dry
  • Consider the brush height - if it is the first time mowing this land, start with a higher cut; the second time around, you will be able to use a lower cut


When you decide it's time for a bush hog, call Southern Stump Removal in the Midland, Charlotte, or Albemarle, NC area at 704-506-2599!